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Unified Narcotics Enforcement Team,
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Unified Narcotics Enforcement Team (UNET)

Meth Bust
1 lb. of Meth and $26K in cash

Supervisor Special Agent Pat West and Pennington County Sheriff’s Sergeant Mark Hughes currently supervise a multi agency drug task force known as the Unified Narcotics Enforcement Team (UNET). The Rapid City Police Department is one of several other agencies that make up the UNET which is operated as part of the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI). Other agencies that make up the UNET include the Pennington County Sheriffs Office, South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigations, Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the South Dakota National Guard.

The UNET’S primary responsibility is the investigation of all drug related offences in the area. Local agency members of the UNET are all sworn “Special Assistants to the Attorney General” and thus have statewide jurisdiction. The team will generally work in the Pennington, Fall River, Custer, and Meade county areas.

The UNET’S aggressive stance on drug enforcement has been effective in the seizure of large quantities of marijuana, crystal methamphetamine, and other controlled drugs and the subsequent arrests and convictions of numerous drug offenders in the area.

Marijuana Bust
191 Marijauna plants and 10 pounds of brick Marijauna

Members of the UNET are also called upon to conduct “vice operations” (Prostitution Stings, AOB Ordinance Enforcement) investigations as well as other covert operations that may include but not limited to murder investigations, murder-for-hire investigations and undercover assignments.

The UNET has sophisticated electronic equipment in its arsenal. Some of the equipment has been paid for through the use of grants and monies seized through the course of drug investigations.

 2009 Drug Related Statistics:

 - Executed 69 drug related search warrants

 - Conducted 277 drug related investigations

 - Involved in the seizure of 336,248.9 grams of 

   commercial grade marijuana

 - Involved in the seizure of 52, 636 grams of B.C.

   Bud  Marijuana

 - Involved in the seizure of 7.1 grams


 - Involved in the seizure of 3, 378.6 grams of ICE

 - Involved in the seizure of 94.6 grams of cocaine

 - Involved in the seizure of 11.3 grams of heroin

 - Involved in the seizure of 738.2 grams of


- Involved in the seizure of 24.7 grams of Psilocybin Mushrooms

- Identified and disrupted/dismantled 13 Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO)

- Seized 32 marijuana plants in a Rapid City residence (marijuana growing   operation)

- Seized $409,546 in currency and $90,635 in property

- Presented about 23 drug presentations to law enforcement personnel and civilians.


If you have a tip or concern about drug activity in your neighborhood, please contact our office.