Air Quality Burning Permits & Fees

Open Burning Permits

picture of flameAccording to Pennington County Ordinance No. 12 and Rapid City Municipal Code Chapters 8.34 through 8.44, no person shall, at any time engage in open burning activities within the Air Quality Control Zone, except as allowed under the following conditions:

  • Open burning of agricultural irrigation ditches;
  • Open burning for noxious weed control;
  • Open burning for wildfire control management;
  • Open burning for ecosystem management;
  • Open burning for fire department personnel training;
  • Open burning of a fire hazard;
  • Open burning for the heating or cooking of food for human consumption in residential areas, city parks and campgrounds;
  • Open burning for recreational purposes when such fires are confined to a fireplace or barbecue pit;
  • Open burning for ceremonial purposes.

Zones of Jurisdiction for Gaining Permission to Open Burn

The Black Hills Forest Fire Protection District: This includes all areas outside of the Rapid City city limits that are west of Interstate 90 to the north, and west of South Highway 79 to the south (view map). Permission will be granted by the Wildland Fire Coordinator of the South Dakota Department of Agriculture, Wildland Fire Suppression Division, or his designee. Information regarding burning permits can be obtained through the South Dakota Wildland Fire Suppression Division.

Rapid City: This includes all areas within the Rapid City city limits (view map). Permission will be granted by the Rapid City Department of Fire and Emergency Services. The Fire Department office is located at 10 Main Street, Rapid City, South Dakota or they can be reached by telephone at (605) 394-4180.

All other portions of the Control Zone: This includes those areas served by the North Haines Volunteer Fire Department (VFD), the Box Elder VFD, the Rapid Valley VFD, except that portion west of South Highway 79, and those residents of the Black Hawk VFD who reside in that portion east of Interstate 90 (view map). Permission for these areas will be granted by the Rapid City Growth Management Department. There is no permit required for open burning for heating or cooking food, recreational fires or ceremonial fires. There is no fee for an open burning permit from the Rapid City Growth Management Department. The respective Volunteer Fire Department and the 911 Dispatch Center must be notified of the date and time of the open burn covered by the permit obtained from the Rapid City Growth Management Department..

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